Why Choose WordPress Website Development?

WordPress is the most reliable and easy way to promote your business online.

Although there are simpler platforms available, they don’t have the same functionality as WordPress. Some platforms have more features than WordPress, but they are difficult to use for beginners.

WordPress is a content management platform (CMS) that allows entrepreneurs and companies to present their products and services. You can share your written content, sell products or services through an electronic storefront, and even share photos and videos.

Few Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress has a large number of features, and people prefer more WordPress development rather than other CMS. Some of the most important and popular features of WordPress are here:

1. Free of Cost

WordPress is free, and it doesn’t charge an additional fee if you get more visitors than you expected. WordPress is free and open-source. It means that you can modify or improve the source code to personalize your website’s look or functionality.

Do you want a WordPress website but don’t know where to start? Get WordPress setup for free with our free WordPress installation service. We install and configure WordPress for you.

2. Popular CMS product

WordPress is more than the most popular CMS. According to the research, WordPress is used on 59.5% percent of websites that use a CMS. Joomla is the second most popular CMS with a 5.9% market share. Drupal is closely followed by Magento, which has a 2.8% market share.

3. Ready to use

Once you install WordPress, you can use it immediately. Except for the customization of your theme and the plugins you choose, there is no configuration. You will find everything needed for website development, including integrating comments and social media feeds.

4. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is SEO-friendly. Google and Bing tend to rank WordPress websites higher than other platforms because the CMS framework of WordPress makes it easy to crawl. Matt Cutts, Google’s founder, personally preferred WordPress in 2009.

Plugins like Yoast SEO makes the content SEO-friendly. You can check the title and description of a web page SEO-friendly using this plugin.

5. Adaptability

WordPress’ flexibility is an unignorable feature. WordPress extensions and plugins are flexible enough to meet all your website needs. It does not matter if you use it for a personal blog or a business website.

6. Safe and Secured platform

The popularity of WordPress has attracted hackers, but WordPress is still able to maintain and manage its security and safety. It is popular due to the security measures that developers can use to maintain the trust of users.

Users should be cautious and only download trusted plugins, preferably while logged in to WordPress, if they want to maintain the same level of security.

7. Easy to Customize

You can customize your WordPress theme to look exactly how you like it using a custom WordPress theme. You have a wide range of themes on WordPress, or you can buy premium themes created by third parties. To make your website work and function exactly how you want, you can add or modify certain features.

8. Mobile friendly

Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly and have low rankings. WordPress makes it easy to update your site without having to redesign it. Most themes are responsive and can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. WordPress offers the option to view websites in mobile view for themes that don’t support responsive design.

9. Multimedia support

Websites with lots of multimedia have the lowest bounce rates. WordPress allows you to easily integrate video by uploading your files or adding a feature of embedding code via the HTML areas. To keep visitors interested in your site, you can add audio files and imagery easily with WordPress.

10. Integration

WordPress can work with popular third-party platforms so that your website’s modernity can be improved. Many plugins of WordPress allow you to send email newsletters and campaigns easily.

Many plugins will allow you to take credit card payments on your e-commerce site. There are plugins available for almost every function you need to add to your website.

11. Multi-user capability

WordPress allows you to give different access rights to different users by creating different login panels. Different user logins provide different rights, and these are

  • Super Administrator – Full access to all website features.
  • Administrator has access to administration functions
  • Editor – Can publish their posts and can approve or remove posts from other users.
  • Contributor – Authors can manage and create their posts but must wait for approval from the administrator.
  • Subscriber – Can view and edit their profile (essentially, an account user).

12. You don’t need to know HTML Code.

If you don’t know HTML codes, you can still develop websites. WordPress Development doesn’t need HTML Codes. It is easy to customize and use.

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