What is Web Hosting? How does it work?

Web hosting allows you to publish a website or webpage on the Internet. Websites are stored on servers, which are special devices that host them. Internet users can view your website by simply entering the domain or website address into their browser.

Hosting companies will require you to have a domain before you can host with them. Hosting companies will assist you in purchasing a domain if you don’t have one.

Types of web hosting services

Web hosting provides various options. It is crucial to understand the type of Web hosting service you need before signing up.

There are many options for hosting:

  • Website Builders
  • Shared Hosting
  • Hosting dedicated to your needs
  • Collocated Hosting

1. Website Builders

These are a type of hosting service for beginners who want to host their website but don’t have the technical knowledge to do so. These services provide an easy way to create your website online. Also, offer to host without additional setup.

2. Shared Hosting

You and other website owners share one server in a shared hosting platform. You share the physical server as well as the software applications on the server. Shared hosting services can be affordable because you share the cost of operating the server and the other owners.

3. Hosting dedicated to your needs

You have access to the entire web server in a dedicated hosting environment. You can enjoy faster performance because you have the server resources and do not share them with other website owners. It is ideal for websites that require a lot in terms of system resources or higher levels of security.

4. Collocated Hosting

This type of hosting allows you to purchase your server, and the server will remain your responsibility. This type of hosting service has the advantage that you can have complete control over the webserver. Any scripts and applications can be installed.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

  • Keeping all your website content like files, videos, etc., in a single place and hosting does the same for websites.
  • The hosting plan you choose will determine how much storage you have. More information is available below.
  • If you are just starting online, you only need a small server to share with other sites. You may want to rent an entire server if you have more storage or traffic.
  • Signing up for web hosting packages will usually give you access to the server through a solution such as cPanel. It’s easy to upload files to the server via this method. You can also install a CMS such as WordPress to build your site.
  • A domain name is required to create a website. After you have purchased the domain name, you will connect it to your server.
  • When a visitor clicks on the link to your website, the browser retrieves the files from the server, and the viewer can then view them.

What is the cost of web hosting?

The cost of website hosting will vary from one provider to the other. Although technically, you can use a complimentary Web hosting service.

Hosting for free vs. paid

You may experience unwanted advertising on your site and their domain name in the URL if you choose free hosting. You have complete control over what content you put on your website when you pay for web hosting.

There are many reasons why paid web hosting is better than free.

  • Security – Paid hosting often comes with more guarantees. You may experience a greater risk of security breaches if you use a free web host. All the details like your customer’s credit card/payment gateway and other information can be stolen.
  • Bandwidth and disk space – Free Web hosts will offer reduced bandwidth and limited disk space to their customers. Paid web hosting may offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space.
  • Limitations on content – With free web hosting, the number of images or videos you can upload is restricted. If you want to have high files uploaded on your website, you must prefer paid web hosting.
  • Server speed – Web hosting servers that are free often overload. It means that you might have to wait for a few hours while the server is down. Paid hosting services offer fast drives and guaranteed uptime.
  • Domain name and URL – Hosting free providers will provide you with a domain name. You can also include their name in the URL. You can also choose your domain name when you sign up for paid hosting.

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